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Vitamark is driven by principle and by a commitment to support affiliate success with breakthrough technology, breakthrough products and a breakthrough compensation plan.

Vitamark is a principles-driven company with a breakthrough compensation plan that supports independent affiliates through world-class service and cutting edge technology.

  • Our product line features an appealing array of high quality nutritional supplements, consumables that help affiliates build repeat business.

  • Our web-based support model puts superior resources and business management tools at the affiliate’s fingertips, while our weekly commission payout insures that affiliates can see real results in as little as a week.

Above all, Vitamark values people: the customers who benefit from our products, the independent affiliates who make our success possible, and the corporate team that supports them.

Core Values

At the heart of everything they do, Vitamark’s founders insist on four “core values”: love, individual worth, freedom and integrity. These are the principles that drive our opportunity.

Four Breakthroughs

Vitamark combines four incredible breakthroughs. The definition of a breakthrough: an unexpected stroke of genius that changes the way we look at everything. Sometimes breakthroughs are monumental leaps; sometimes they are adjustments that seem small at first, then reveal their transforming power. The key to success is to find a breakthrough and then make it your own. If you’re looking for a breakthrough, Vitamark has four to choose from!

  1. Breakthrough Plan

    At first, its simplicity disguises its true power. But the more time you spend with the Vitamark Operating System (vOS), the more you’ll appreciate what an opportunity this is. Our guiding principle is fast, real-time compensation. Everything in the Vitamark OS revolves around weekly bonuses. And we make sponsoring easy with a minimal registration fee and no personal volume requirements.

  2. Breakthrough Products

    The wellness industry is exploding—but your body does not treat all supplements equally. Vitamark has pioneered a proprietary enzyme base that serves as the backbone for our line. On this base, we build formulations that take advantage of the best ingredients and the latest science to deliver the optimum in health support.

  3. Breakthrough Team

    Vitamark’s management team combines a vision worth achieving with the expertise to make it happen. Expertise and vision—you rarely find them both in the same place. Leaders with the experience to guarantee stability are usually set in their ways; visionaries with a passion for the future tend to lack experience. Combining two decades of experience working together in the industry with a fresh new marketing concept, the Vitamark team is the exception to the rule.

  4. Breakthrough Timing

    Timing is everything, and the best time to get involved is at the beginning. You’ve heard stories of famous ground floor opportunities; this is your chance to become a part of one. Vitamark is an innovative start-up with a seasoned management team and a truly remarkable field force. The growth so far has been incredible, but this is only the beginning. With Vitamark, you enjoy a true ground floor opportunity. It’s the perfect time for you to make your breakthrough!

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