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No one understands the dynamics of health and wellness better than Jana Mitcham. Jana's commitment to helping people live healthier, happier lives has made her an industry favorite. Now, her wealth of expertise is focused on building Vitacorp International.





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May 12, 2005


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May 6, 2005


Newsweek Reports on Russian Adaptogen: Rhodiola Rosea

March 24, 2005


New Research Provides Insight Into the Power of Calcium

March 5, 2005


FAQ: What’s In Limu Plus?

February 19, 2005


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January 27, 2005


Limu Plus: Simply the Best!

January 20, 2005


Dear Jana: Limu Plus Works For Us

December 10, 2004


More Reasons For Adding Soy To Your Diet

October 19, 2004


A Healthy Holiday Season

October 12, 2004


Why EPA's Headquarters Professionals' Union Opposes Fluoridation

August 17, 2004


Interest In Isoflavones Makes A Quantum Leap

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July 8, 2004


New Soy Study: Results Could Be Due To Type Of Soy Used

July 6, 2004


Real Men Do Eat Soy!

July 2, 2004


Selenium, A "Star You May Not Know"

May 7, 2004


Stress: What You Should know

May 6, 2004


Dear Jana: Dangers Of Being Overweight

April 19, 2004


Brain Power of Entire Nations Diminishing

March 28, 2004


Obesity In The News

March 23, 2004


Fantastic News About Soy, Calcium, Fiber, Antioxidants and Water

March 9, 2004


More Studies On Benefits Of Dietary Fiber

March 4, 2004


A Frequently Asked Question About Iron

February 16, 2004


Trying To Get Pregnant?

February 16, 2004


Study: Vitamins C, E Cut Alzheimer's Risk

January 23, 2004


Worried About Mad Cow Disease? Super Soy Should Be Part of Your Daily Diet

January 17, 2004


Soy Protein Recommended For Menopausal Symptoms As New Report Finds HRT To Be Cancer Cause

December 31, 2003


Soy Research: Women's Wellness

December 16, 2003


'Tis The Season To Beware

December 14, 2003


Benefits of Fructose/Low-Glycemic Foods On Baby During Pregnancy

December 5, 2003


Life Extension Magazine: Prescription Drug Costs

December 5, 2003


Holiday Tips

November 26, 2003


Protect Your Right to Dietary Supplements

November 1, 2003


We Love Our Kids And Yours Too!

October 17, 2003


Get Your Daily Vitamins

October 6, 2003


Be Heart Smart

September 29, 2003


Alkaline/Acid - A Delicate Balance

September 15, 2003


Women, Take Charge of Your Health

September 15, 2003


Do the Bears Know Something That You Should Know?

August 25, 2003


Athletic Performance

July 23, 2003


Lose A Pound Every 18 Days Just By Eating?

July 23, 2003


In The Beginning

July 18, 2003


Worried About Your Hair and Nails?

June 13, 2003


Smoking--Don't Do It!

April 26, 2003


Saliva pH Test

February 24, 2003


Stop Drinking Carbonated Beverages

February 24, 2003


Experts Question Impact of 'Healthy' Snacks

February 21, 2003


The Importance of Proper pH Levels in the Body

February 18, 2003


Vita-Che for Your Circulatory Needs

February 13, 2003


Another Risk of Bad Blood Sugar

February 7, 2003


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