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Athletic Performance And Nutritional Support

from Jana Mitcham
April 6, 2006

Whether you are a professional athlete, in the little league, or a 3 day a week jogger: your athletic endeavors require nutritional support. Athletic performance makes certain physiological demands on your body: a) demands that require and drain energy b) demands that stress bones, muscles and joints c)demands that stress literally every organ and system of the body

That is why it is so critical to maintain daily nutritional support and "special" nutritional support for performance day. For those not engaged in regular physical activity, refer to the respective AutoShip regimen: either the "Men", "Women" or "Children's",

Vitamark has certain products to meet athletic needs. The following regimens are designed to enhance athletic performance and promote good health. Their primary purpose is to provide maximum hydration, sustained energy release. a good essential fatty acid source so that an athlete doesn't eat a "fatty diet" trying to build fat stores for that important energy release and to provide nutrients to protect the joints, bones, muscles and immune function.

To achieve your maximum potential:
CHILDREN (ages 6-11)
Daily program when not engaged in athletics (physical activity):

2 Children's Chewable or 1 Primalux a day
Omega III ( 1 a day)
Coral Calcium + (1 2x a day)
Vita Enhanced Water ( at least 8 oz, per day)
C-Crystals (1/4 tsp per day--may add to VitaEnhanced Water) Limu Plus (1-2 TBSPa day)

Coral Calcium may be crushed and added to soft foods or lquids.

Daily Program when engaged in athletic or strenuous physical activity:
Children's Chewable ( 2 2x a day--2 upon arising and 2 with evening meal) or Primalux (1 2x a day)
Omega III (1 2x a day)
Coral Calcium (1 3x)
Vita Enhanced Water (8 oz of "mixed" in morning / 4 oz of "mixed" 15 minutes before activity / 4 oz of "mixed"during activity / 4-8 of "mixed" at completion)
C-Crystals (1/4 tsp before and after) Limu Plus(2-3 TBSP with 2 TBSP before activity)

ADOLESCENT (12-17) and ADULTS (18 and up)
(Amounts with no asterisk are for adolescents. Amounts with an asterisk gives the amount for adults. If there is just an asterisk and no additional amounts that means the adolescent takes the same amount as an adult unless otherwise noted.)

Non-Performance Days:
VitaOne (1) Limu Plus(1 oz) (1-2 oz)
Omega III (1 2x) (1 3x)
Coral Calcium (1 3x)( 2 2x)
Vita Enhanced Water (16 oz of "mixed" a day minimum)( 24 oz of "mixed" a day minimum)
C-Crystals (1/4 tsp 2x)(1/4 tsp 3x)

For the 18 and up/additional dailies:
CoQ 10 (1 3x)
Joint Support (1--unless your joints need support already--follow suggested use)

Performance Days:
VitaOne (1 upon waking/1 after performance--if more than 3 hrs between waking and activity--take 2nd pack before performing)(1 waking/1 before/ 1 after) Limu Plus ( 2 oz ; 1 TBSP before/after and 1 oz mid performance)(3-4 oz with at least 1 oz before/mid/after performing--if take 4 do 2 oz mid performance)
Omega III(1 2x) (1 3x)
Coral Calcium (2 2x)(2 3X)
Vita Enhanced Water (8 oz before/ 8 oz during/ 8 oz after) this is a minimum
GluCare( 1 before) C-Crystals(1/4 tsp 2x)(1/4 tsp 3x)

For the 18 and up:
CoQ 10( 2 2x)
VitaGreens(1 2x)
NaturFlex/Joint Support( at least 1--more if need dictates)

Sports Injuries:
Ages 6-11/12-17/18 and up ( ADD THESE TO REGULAR/SPECIAL REGIMENS)
Coral Calcium ( INCREASE TO OR STAY SAME IF SAME 2 2x) (2 3x)
VitaMarin (all take 1 every hour for the first 3 hours--then one 3x a day)
CellRich( 1 a day) ( 1 3x a day for 10 days; then 1 a day)
C-Crystals (increase to1/4 tsp 3x)( 1/4 tsp 3x)

There is one more possibility and that is the older adult who may be using Vita-Che as his daily program--they should continue at their level and add 1 VitaOne before performing, For all else, follow 18 up guidelines.


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