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Do the Bears Know Something That You Should Know?

from Jana Mitcham
August 25, 2003

A feature article in the August 13th Houston Chronicle asked that very question – accompanied by the picture of a big Grizzly bear with a salmon in his mouth. Why? They wanted to point out the health rewards of omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish.

Louis Parks stated, "With the health dangers of trans fats and saturated fat dominating the news, some doctors point to omega-3 fatty acids--those consumed in cold water fish or fish oil supplements--as a natural counter to many poor health conditions, including those caused by a bad-fat-heavy diet."

The article was written to differentiate between the potentially deadly trans fats found in chips, doughnuts, crackers and French Fries (for example) and the "life giving" fish oils. The article says that fish oils are effective because the natural ingredient, omega-3 fatty acid, is a nutrient that works as a lubricant to aid the cardiovascular system and create the right environment for healthy blood, normal blood lipid levels and a healthy heart. In fact, Geoffrey Martin, director of Consumer Reports consumer science division, describes it this way: "It is almost as if you are applying Armor All to your arteries."

The article goes on to sing the praises of the omega-3s: "they have long been used as a form of alternative medicine… the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association recommended including more fish in your diet for the omega -3 benefit. One study indicated omega-3 can reduce men's risk of dying from a heart attack by about 80 %, omega-3's seem to increase the conduction of those nerves, and more.

How do you get omega-3's? According to the article you can eat the AHA's recommended 2-3 servings of fish a week or, for those who don' eat fish, omega-3 is readily available as an over-the-counter supplement--in fact, the article says that these supplements are acceptable in lieu of eating fish because some fish contain too much mercury (according to the AHA.)

You can get omega-3 fish oils in our Vitacorp Omega III!

So, now you know more than the bear. But where the bear follows through by instinct – are your instincts that good?

** We are not making any claims for our products — this regimen might offer the nutrition your body needs to function properly. Everyone is different and results will vary.


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