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Enzymes In Action

from Jana Mitcham
July 8, 2004

Enzymes are important to your health. We consider ezymes important to your health and so should you! Our primary enzyme product is Vi-Gest. It is important for your body to maintain enzyme levels to assure proper digestion, that’s why we recommend taking Vi-Gest on a daily basis. It is included in the VitaOne daily supplement packets, or you can purchase Vi-Gest separately. You might want to take Vi-Gest 5x a day—take at least 1 tablet before each meal and 1 between meals.

Digestion is, in fact, so important that many of our products such as Co-Enzyme Q10, Limu Plus, Aloe Vera and Vita-Greens have naturally occurring enzymes. And others like Vita-Che and CellRich have proteolytic enzymes like Bromelaine added to them. Still others have En Zact 77K (refer to the "En Zact 77K" article in Jana's Corner on EnZact for more information), our potent blend of protease, amylase and lipase. These products include: Coral Calcium+, Vitamarin, Cold & Flu Relief, VitaMen, VitaWoman and GluCare. And finally, the Blitz Sports Drinks and Blitz Chewable Nutritional Supplement each have their own potent enzyme blend.

Affiliate Glenn Moriyama from Hawaii has allowed us to use his "summary overview" of Dr. DicQie Fuller's comprehensive book on enzymes. Dr. Fuller is a special guest speaker during our upcoming 2004 Convention in the Caribbean. This article will broaden your knowledge and increase your awareness of the great value of having enzymes as part of your nutritional regimen.

Enzymes: The Key to Ultimate Good Health

Article written by Glenn Moriyama, Partner, eContent Concepts, Inc. (eCC), a content development company. Used by permission.

Constipation… indigestion… heartburn… irregularity… bloating… gas… intestinal and gastric discomfort. These maladies are prevalent in our present society and could be the symptoms of a fundamental deficiency that’s easily and often overlooked.

At our body’s most basic level of function, enzymes play an essential and critical role. Because enzymes must be present before any chemical reaction can take place, our bodies cannot exist without enzymes. We can eat a healthy diet and take all the vitamins, minerals, and hormones we want, but without the proper amount of enzymes, our bodies are incapable of breaking down, absorbing, and using the important nutrients. In many cases the excellent (and costly) supplements we take simply pass through our systems whole and intact, without being used.*

Dr. DicQie Fuller, author of The Healing Power of Enzymes, states, “The importance of proper digestion is mind boggling. Every function must be perfectly synchronized with every other function. When we lack a particular enzyme, vitamin, or mineral, the resulting imbalance causes disease. If you have digestive problems, you will have trouble rebuilding cells, which leads to an array of health disorders. You may think it is too simplistic to conclude that illness is caused by inadequate digestion, but I am convinced this is true.”1

What role do enzymes play in my digestive system?

Digestive enzymes function as catalyst agents in our body’s digestive process that enable us to experience good health. Proper digestion requires four major and three minor enzymes:*

Amylase – for the digestion of carbohydrates and starches. Improper digestion creates gas and discomfort.

Protease – for the digestion of proteins. Improper digestion causes indigestion and toxicity.

Lipase – for the digestion of fats; also assists in balancing fatty acids. Improper digestion creates pungent odors and poor cholesterol balance.

Cellulase – for the digestion of cellulose (fiber found in vegetables and other plant materials). Improper digestion leaves wax like residue in the small intestines, contributing to absorption problems.

Lactase – for the digestion of milk sugar lactose. Improper digestion prevents the breakdown of lactose resulting in digestive problems and lactose-related allergies.

Sucrase and Maltese – lesser known enzymes that break down food sugars.

How does my body obtain enzymes?

Enzymes are energized protein molecules that, in a perfect world, can be obtained in two ways: Our bodies make them (metabolic enzymes) or we get them through the food we eat (food enzymes). When these two natural sources are compromised, we can obtain the enzymes we need through supplementation.

What could cause enzyme deficiencies in my body?

Age and high stress negatively impact our body’s ability to produce metabolic or endogenous enzymes. The older we get, the less efficient our bodies become in producing enzymes. An older adult simply does not manufacture as many enzymes as a young person. When we’re under a lot of stress and run down, our bodies require a substantially larger amount of enzymes.

Food or exogenous enzymes exists in food that’s in its raw state. However the cooking, freezing, and food manufacturing and altering processes destroy these enzymes. So while your taste buds are satisfied, the rest of your body, particularly your digestive system, is not getting what it needs. Unless you are a child who eats only raw foods, you are at risk of being enzyme deficient.*

What are supplemental digestive enzymes?

Supplemental digestive enzymes can be either plant- or animal-derived. Generally, plant enzymes are most useful because of they aid digestion throughout the entire digestive process. These enzymes cannot be made like synthetic vitamins and minerals, and must be grown in plant form and extracted through a laboratory process.

Dr. Peter Rothchild, M.D. a world-renowned researcher and Nobel Prize nominee in physics writes, “Evidence of the effectiveness of enzymes taken orally is beginning to overcome skeptism. Many of these studies show enzymes, when taken orally, demonstrate benefits against circulating immune complexes, rheumatic disorders, and acute immune disease.”2

Why hasn’t there been more publicized information about enzymes?

Dr. DicQie Fuller explains, “Although enzyme biochemistry has been the subject of intensive study, the role of enzymes in supplementation and therapy is not widespread knowledge. There are not yet enough knowledgeable people around to supply the necessary information. Yet the healing power of enzymes has been documented for decades.”3

How do I know if I am enzyme-deficient?

Symptoms of poor digestion are good indicators: burps and belches, excessive gas, heartburn, nausea, constipation, feeling tired after eating, or an allergic reaction to particular foods. Also, certain food cravings or foods you eat the most—caffeine, chocolate, refined sugars, and cooked and processed foods—could be clues to an enzyme-related problem.*

Are there products available that contain essential enzymes?

In addition to digestive enzymes in supplement forms (pills and capsules), a small number of nutritional supplement companies offer products that are formulated to contain and provide essential enzymes.

One such company, Vitacorp International, has collaborated with Dr. Fuller in the development of their line of Tim Brown’s Blitz Nutritional Products—Cookie Bars, Energy Drink, and Chewable Supplements.

Other Vitacorp products that contain enzymes include Vi-Gest, Coral Calcium+, Naturflex Joint Support, Vita-Che, VitaOne, Vitamarin, VitaMen, VitaWoman, and Co-Enzyme Q10. CellRich contains bromelaine, a potent enzyme in the Protease family and VitaGreens and Limu Plus contain naturally occurring plant enzymes. For more information on these products, go to the Vitacorp Product Index. Remember, using Vi-Gest on a regular basis (with meals and between) can help maintain vital enzyme levels.

How can I find out more about enzymes and related topics?

A good starting point is Dr. Fuller’s book: The Healing Power of Enzymes. Dr. Fuller believes that “no matter which way you [come] to read about enzymes, you are entitled to a clear explanation of how they work and why they are important.”4

Adapted from The Healing Power of Enzymes, copyright 1998 by Dr. DicQie Fuller. Published by Forbes Custom Publishing, New York, NY. Dr. Fuller, the Founder and President of Transformation Enzyme Corporation, holds a Ph.D in Nutrition and Health Sciences. With over 20 years of clinical experience specializing in enzyme therapy and nutrition, she is actively involved in researching the health benefits of enzyme supplementation. Dr. Fuller has published extensively, including articles on the use of enzymes in nutrition, body typing, glandular therapy, and appetite and weight control.

1 DicQie Fuller, Ph.D in Nutrition and Health Sciences, The Healing Power of Enzymes (New York: Forbes Custom Publishing, 2002), 11.

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