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March Health Show: Enzymes and Probiotics

from Jana Mitcham
March 3, 2006

This month's Health Show dealt with the effectiveness of Enzymes and Probiotics in fighting serious digestive and yeast concerns like Candida Albicans overgrowth. Now let 's join Vitamark Diamond, Meme Groseth and vitamark VP, Tom Mitcham, for the Health Show which is already in progress:

MG: Are you there Tommy?

TM: I sure am Meme and I can't wait to give that free product. Tonight's free product is Coral Calcium +? certainly a product that I hope everyone on this call is familiar with. Our calcium product contains two powerful, bioavailable forms of calcium: Coral Calcium + and Amino Acid Chelate Calcium. It contains over 2600 mgs of calcium raw materials to yield a full 1000 mg of "elemental" calcium (this is the form of calcium that the body actually uses).

MG: I am really excited about this free product ? as should everyone on this call be ? especially if you are on the 100BP Autoship because the Coral Calcium + is the February free AutoShip product. This amazing product has many benefits from strong bones and teeth to alkalizing the body to assisting with immune challenges. Not to mention that it contains the amazing Vitamin D3 component that you learned about on the December Health Show.

TM: Now to give that free product! Don't forget to call out your name before answering. Our questions tonight feature "Jana's Corner." Jana's Corner is located in your GMT and features news about the products, the health shows, testimonials and health news. Now for the first question:

Question 1: This first question comes from the Health News section of Jana's Corner. Which Russian Adaptogen was featured in the February 2003 Newsweek because of its impact on stress (specifically its impact on cortisol ? the stress hormone)?

Answer: Rhodiola Rosea

Question 2: What section of Jana's Corner can you find the article "Stress: What You Should Know"?

Answer: Health News

Question 3: <>In which section of Jana's Corner can you find an article entitled "Gluten Free Products"?

Answer: Product News

Question 4: Where can you find over 100 (more than 30 on the incredible Limu Plus) testimonials about the awesome Vitamark products?

Answer: Jana's Corner the Testimonial section


MG: Congratulations to all our winners ? don't forget to call the home office to claim your free Coral Calcium +.

MG: Tom will be sharing some information with us tonight about Enzymes and Probiotics. We will not be making any claims that Vitamark products cure, treat or prevent any diseases. We are simply educating you to the amazing impact that enzymes and probiotics have on your health.

TM: Meme, you know me ? I always like to start off by seeing if anyone has a testimonial to share. Some of you may have shared your testimonial previously, don't hesitate to do it again ? there are always new people on the call who have not heard it. We'll start with two testimonials and save the rest for the end of the call ? don't be shy ? remember you get free product when you share. Now who'll be first?

TESTIMONIALS (Please join us on the call to hear these amazing success stories.)

MG: Thanks for sharing. Now for that information on Enzymes and Probiotics.

TM: Before I get started with the information on Enzymes and Probiotics, I would like to offer additional insight into December's Health Show topic concerning the validity of including vitamin D3 as part of your "strong bone" regimen.

TM: A study done in Japan and published in the February issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation (Vol. 116, Issue 2) has offered insight into why Vitamin D works as a preventive to osteoporosis. The author of the study was Hisashi Takasu from the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Obu, Japan.

The study has generated quite a buzz ? especially in relation to all of the other recent studies about the benefit of Vitamin D ? the studies we talked about last week linking the vitamin to reduced risk of certain cancers caused a 400% increase in Vitamin D sales in the UK.

You may be wondering how you get enough Vitamin D to generate the appropriate blood level of hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D or 115 ? 128 millimicromolar ? the established blood serum levels). When science tells us that a value below 50 is considered serious and increases the risk of chronic diseases, knowing where to get this important vitamin becomes important. You can get dietary Vitamin D from eggs, liver and oily fish such as salmon, sardines, trout and tuna. But, the best source is through sun exposure ? when your skin is exposed to ultraviolet light it manufactures Vitamin D. The risk for skin cancer comes with "burning" and over exposure. For those of you who are worried about skin cancer (from sun exposure), I would suggest a combination of minimal sun exposure, dietary foods and good supplementation with D3 or D3 containing supplements like Vitamark's Coral Calcium+.

Research is in its infancy for this amazing vitamin's impact on cancer; but regular supplementation with Vitamin D containing formulas has long been proposed as a way of reducing the burden of osteoporosis. Again, a demonstration of Vitamark's understanding of good nutrition is the fact that it has always included D3 in its "bone support" formula. And now for that information on the benefits of enzymes and probiotics to your health:

Have you ever heard it said that "the remedy is worse than the concern"?

Sound silly? Yet, that's what many people who suffer with serious digestive concerns from heartburn to acid concerns are experiencing when they take prescription strength antacid medications. Proper digestion depends on stomach acids. Neutralize those acids (as the antacids do) on a regular basis and you're just asking for trouble.

MG: So, what do we do as an alternative to help relieve digestive symptoms?

TM: As reported by Health Science Institute in January ? a natural therapy for digestive relief includes acidophilus (probiotics) and digestive enzymes. Probiotic supplements protect the esophagus without killing acid (while addressing the pain almost immediately). This is accomplished a little quicker by opening the capsule and mixing the powder with water as suggested on the Probiotic label. Be sure and keep your probiotics handy for those times of digestive challenge. Probiotic activity is measued in "total" billions of CFU (colony ? forming units). It is best taken for preventive measures once or twice a day on an empty stomach or just before a meal if you anticipate concerns or when actually experiencing digestive symptoms such as burning.

MG: We also discussed getting digestive relief by improving the environment of the stomach with digestive enzymes.

TM: That is right, Meme, to maintain the proper acid levels in the stomach requires a high level of digestive enzymes ? it is reported that "proper digestion allows for higher concentration of acid while tightening the gastro esophageal junction (the structure supposed to keep the acid out of the esophagus) and protecting the esophagus."

MG: It certainly is evident that it would be important to maintain a healthy colony of good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut as well as proper digestive enzyme levels to insure optimum digestive health. Are there other health issues that are addressed by enzymes and a healthy level of probiotics or good bacteria?

TM: There certainly are ongoing issues because there is virtually an on ? going battle being waged between bad bacteria and good bacteria in your gastro ? intestinal tract. And if the bad guys win it can cause a multitude of health problems. When bad bacteria thrive, yeast ? like fungi called candida albicans thrive as well and create a condition known as "systemic candidiasis" or "yeast infection".

MG: I understand that yeast infection can cause a lot of different symptoms to include dry skin, rashes, flaky skin and scalp, skin eruptions, digestive concerns, even light headedness sometimes described as a "fizzy" sort of feeling and even mimic several poor health conditions like respiratory challenges. It is this myriad of symptoms that often causes a misdiagnosis or no diagnosis. Because candida can cause so many simultaneous symptoms, patients are sometimes told, "it is all in their head". Some doctors think of candida as only serious when it accompanies serious immune deficiencies like AIDS or when it accompanies post chemo ? therapy treatments and other serious conditions. For more information on candida albicans, I suggest two books: First, The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough by William G. Crook. Second, The Yeast Syndrome: How to Help Your Doctor Identify & Treat the Rea Cause of Your Yeast-Related Illness by John P. Trowbridge. And all this from an overgrowth of bad bacteria. What causes this overgrowth and are there natural ways to control it?

TM: Let me first explain who is impacted by this overgrowth by pointing out that the most susceptible victims are women; but, men who are exposed to the same conditions such as repeated courses of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria and allow the bad to take over. In fact, Mike Strobbe did an Associated Press article 12/02/2005 about "CDC eyes killer germs new threat/ Antibiotics are growing less useful against its spread". The bacterium is called C-diff short for Clostri-dium difficile. The article points out that antibiotics kill the competing bacteria. This is what we would call the good bacteria ? so with the good bacteria gone and not able to control the C-diff explodes causing diarrhea, and even colitis and death. Other things that impact a bacteria imbalance are systemic steroids, high-sugar diets and illnesses involving diarrwea. Both men and women who are exposed to these tend to get yeast infections. And, Women who use birth control pills and take hormone replacement therapy are also highly susceptible.

MG: Sounds like when your colon bacteria get imbalanced some pretty serious things can happen. How can we address this imbalance?

TM: Meme, to treat yeast you must involve five approaches: 1.) Kill the bad guys (these guidelines are not indicated for controlling C-diff; although improving the environment of your colon would help. Like I said, kill the bad guys. You do this with natural products like caprylic acid, olive leaf extract and others. If you must use a prescription drug, I understand that Diflucan is effective with the least toxicities. 2.) Insure good digestion with a good digestive enzymes like Super Vi-Gest which has specific enzymes to break down the sugars so they are less likely to stay in the gut as food for the bad bacteria. 3.) Replenish systemic enzymes so the body has a reserve to draw on. This is accomplished with a good proteolytic enzyme like Revitalgen. 4.) Create a receptive environment in the gut for the reintroduction of the "good guys". This involves proper digestion (Super Vi-Gest) and a strict nearly sugar free diet. Diets like high protein or Atkins type diets work well since yeast doesn't thrive in protein. In addition to diet, other supplements can be used. Garlic is good ? as is Pau d' Arco (like is found in Limu Plus); and something called FOS (Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides-found in Vitamark's Probiotic as Jerusalem Artichoke). Probiotics thrive on FOS; but yeast can't metabolize it (this means that the good bacteria will be well fed and be able to overtake the starving bad bacteria).

MG: With the first four approaches focusing on repairing and preparing the system, I'll bet the last step deals with reintroduction of the good guys.

TM: You are right on, Meme. 5.) Repopulating the gut with probiotic strains of lactobacillus longum, sporogenes, salivarius, plantatum, acidophilus ? all found in Vitamark's Probiotic.

MG: Couldn't you just do step 5?

TM: It would be good if there were one simple step; but that is not possible. You must first alter your diet by eliminating sugary foods; then you must kill the bad bacteria ? then rebuild. It requires all of the steps to accomplish this uniformly and effectively. Your Digestive System holds the key to your good health ? that is why a healthy level of digestive enzymes (Super Vi-Gest), systemic enzymes for those important "reserves" (Revitalgen), and the friendly bacteria known as probiotics (Probiotic) is so critical to and impactful on your overall good health. I hope that this presentation has helped impart this important message.

MG: I know it has opened my eyes enough that I am going to reread the information on Vitamark's website reference these important products; and, I encourage you all to do the same. Well, Tommy, it is time to say goodnight.

TM: Before we go, does anyone have a testimony they'd like to share? (Tstimonial not included here.) Now before I say goodnight, I would like to remind everyone: This is the day the Lord has made ? let us rejoice and be glad in it!


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