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Worried About Your Hair and Nails?

from Jana Mitcham
July 13, 2003

We all want to maintain good hair and nails.

As we grow older or experience health challenges that may not always be easy. There are some common sense health rules that we can apply.

Nails and hair need Vitamin A, calcium, B vitamins, plenty of pure water, fatty acids, Vitamin C and Biotin. Of course they need all of the other necessary nutrients; however if there is an imbalance or deficiency in any of those I mentioned you are likely to see the following:

Biotin: thin brittle hair and nails; dry scalp and alopecia [this is in VitaOne and VitaChe]

Vitamin A and Calcium: dryness and brittleness [Vitamin A is in VitaOne and VitChe; we get our calcium from the Coral Calcium+]

B vitamins: fragility [the B vitamins are in VitaOne and VitaChe]

HCl [the digestive acid] splitting nails [the HCl is in ViGest which is also a component of VitaOne]

Fatty Acids: dry brittle hair and nails [the necessary fatty acids are in Phospholipids [a part of VitaOne] and Omega III]

Vitamin E and Co Q 10--lack of decreases tissue oxygenation and scalp circulation [Vit E is in VitaOne and Vita-Che and CoQ 10 is available separately and in Vita-Che].

Hair loss can be due to heredity, hormones and aging.

Some say it is stress induced, others an auto immune reaction, still others say it is genetic. Your hair can fall out in patches [alopecia areata] or in male pattern baldness [androgenetic alopecia] --this impacts women, too. Other factors that create hair loss include poor circulation [VitaChe], illness, surgery, radiation, skin disease [if you have any skin issues, add 1 VitaMarin 3x a day for 10 days; then 1 a day for 30 days], weight loss, fever, iron deficiency, diabetes [if you have blood sugar concerns add GluCare], thyroid problems, stress and poor nutrition and vitamin deficiencies. The key is to determine what is going on or to address as many of the potential issues as possible.

Complete nutrition is the answer.

VitaOne plus Coral Calcium and Omega III [1 3x] plus Phospholipids [1 3x] and C-Crystals [1/2 tsp 2x] would be a good regimen for the woman who does not have circulatory challenges. You could just try Coral Calcium and hope that your problems are just a calcium deficiency; however, you need the balanced nutrition anyway and you stand a chance of addressing multiple concerns with a complete regimen--so, why not? For the woman with circulatory challenges: VitaChe, Coral Calcium [start right away] , ViGest,VitaGreens [1 3x], CoQ 10 [ 2 2x]. Omega III [1 3x] and Phospholipids [1 3x]. No matter which regimen you are following, if you are facing hormonal issues, you should add VitaWoman; and, if you are dealing with stress related issues, you should add Herbal Calming.

Healthy nails and hair are an indication of overall good health just as unhealthy hair and nails is a reflection of an overall imbalance in nutrition. It is a multi-faceted concern that generally takes a multi-faceted approach.


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