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Holiday Tips

from Jana Mitcham
November 26, 2003

These tips will help you enjoy the holidays...

The holiday season is approaching quickly, and the pace of daily life is picking up! Use these tips fpr a happy, healthy holiday season.

The holiday season is almost here and along with all the fun of the holidays comes the "stressors" of shopping, parties, preparations and food, food, food. All of this can take a toll on literally every system of your body, including your most visible organ, your skin. In the midst of "the season to be jolly" how can you pull it all off? By feeling and looking your best! If it all seems a bit overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. There is hope! We have some proven strategies to help your skin, plus techniques and products to help you achieve that sense of calmness, peace of mind and the balance and that you need this holiday season.


Stress does not have to interfere with your holiday plans. Limu Plus, with all the goodness of the pure, nutrient rich sea plant Limu Moui and the "stressor protection" of the Russian Adaptogens is the answer to stressors. Start each and every day with 1 oz, take another ounce as the day moves along (two if the day demands), and take an ounce before retiring. You will be a better, more focused person during this holiday season with Limu Plus by your side.

Host/Hostess Tip: Why not bring a bottle as a host/hostess gift to your next party?


Sleep is essential to health and good looks. This is the time that your body repairs itself inside and out -- including your skin. To ease into that restful period, you might consider Herbal Calming or Limu Plus or a combination of the two. If your sleep is impacted by "Second Hand Snoring", why not stock up on SnoreSpray? It would make a terrific stocking stuffer!


Hydration of the cells and tissues is critical to your health and skin. Your body also uses water to transport nutrients into the body and toxins out, to maintain a healthy balance. Did you know that just one glass of wine or carbonated beverage can dehydrate the skin? In addition, those sugary, carbonated beverages take a toll on calcium and even the oxygen levels in your blood. To protect yourself, carry your own bottle of Vita Enhanced Water with you. Its unique molecular structure makes "water wetter" for better hydration and toxic elimination, and makes nutrient delivery more efficient, providing an alkalizing impact to balance the especially acidic impact of holiday foods and drinks. Also, mix your Vita Enhanced Water in a spritzer or atomizer. Use it to hydrate your skin throughout the day, on cuts, scrapes or burns, or for your child or grandchild's "owie". In fact, we would vote Vita Enhanced Water as the #1 gift all year long. You'll wonder how you ever survived without it!


It is really important to maintain your strength and vitality during this fun but stressful time of the year. Don't try to save time by skipping your supplements! Your daily VitaOne or Vita-Che are critical, particularly for antioxidant protection from "free radicals". Oxidation is stopped by antioxidants. To further assist your body's antioxidant capacity, use CellRich. We suggest that you take 1 caplet 3x a day for 10 days and then 1 a day during this time. Also, be sure that you maintain the alkalinity of your body with Coral Calcium +. Many of the holiday foods and drinks we consume contribute to the acidity of the body. This can be devastating to certain systems, contributing to an overall "rundown" condition, and stealing the health and vitality necessary for this time of year. Fortify your calcium and magnesium levels with a couple extra Coral Calcium +. Start by adding them a week or so before the season and continue them for a couple of weeks after the season. Be the one enjoying the season not the one saying, "Why is it that my health seems to suffer during the holiday season?"


Or should we say overeating! This is the time of year we not only overeat; but also tend to eat foods that we do not normally eat -- at least not in such quantities! Be prepared to protect your system! First, you want to be able to digest the quantities and types of foods that you will consume and Vi-Gest is the answer. Take 1 or 2 before meals and snacks. If you forget to take it before, you can take it during or after. It will still help. Second, anticipate the types of food you'll eat. If you know you will be consuming large amounts of carbohydrates or sugars, take a GluCare 15 to 20 minutes beforehand. Third, if you do not want to overeat, anticipate this and add Appetizer Diet to your before meal regimen. This will help you control yourself as well as provide benefits in the areas of blood sugar and cholesterol concerns. The beneficial fibers will also contribute to "cleaning out" the waste and toxic by-products of your unusually large feast. Fourth, since we are talking about the elimination of wastes, we can't forget about VitaFiber. Prepare your system for the "pasty, gummy, bowel clogging" onslaught of the holiday pastries. Start and end your day with 1 or 2 (2 if you know you are going to stray) servings of VitaFiber in the morning and before going to bed. You'll be happy you did! Fifth and finally, what happens if you forget to do steps 1-4 or you really over do it and face some gastrointestinal challenges? Take 1 or 2 Vi-Gest , 1 oz. of Aloe Vera and relax! So this holiday season don't forget your 5 Fantastic Friends: Vi-Gest, GluCare, Appetizer Diet, VitaFiber and Aloe Vera.

This holiday season don't forget your Five Fantastic Friends:

Vi-Gest, GluCare, Appetizer Diet, VitaFiber and Aloe Vera.

Host/Hostess Tip: Have Vi-Gest and GluCare on hand for all your guests. They'll thank you the next day, not to mention the opportunity to create interest in your products.


Nothing is better than quality protein for skin repair. And there is no better quality protein than soy! According to the World Health Organization, soy carries the "highest" protein rating, equivalent to the best meats! This holiday season use our SuperSoy in all your special recipes. Add your favorite seasonings and no one will know the difference!

Get plenty of dark green leafy vegetables to protect your skin with their rich antioxidants. Get real. Is anyone lining up at the "greens table" this time of year? So give your skin the extra protection of VitaGreens (take 1 or 2 a day). Your skin will thank you, not to mention the "glow" that you will have instead of the tired looking skin that holiday eating usually produces. Just a hint: did you know what snacks like potato chips (a favorite holiday treat) can do to your skin? Actors and actresses gorge on potato chips to bloat their faces and look older for certain movie roles. Yikes, food can have an immediate impact!

Nuts are a holiday favorite. The raw, unsalted kind can provide protein and Omega 3 essential fatty acids that feed your brain and skin. A great combination: mental clarity and a glowing vibrant skin! But, alas, most of the nuts served are roasted and salted. So why not skip the nuts and take care of your Omega 3 needs with our Omega III. Three soft gels a day should do it.


Gift giving can be stressful but it doesn't have to be. It can be easy, fun, life saving and help you build your business. How? Give people "gifts of life" by giving them your favorite Vitacorp products. Make it festive: wrap it up in your favorite gift wrap, put it in a basket, attach it to a stuffed animal, use it on top along with the bow, just be creative! Create special sayings: you can write special sayings to go with your products like "Want a real Silent Night? Try SnoreSpray" Or "Want to experience Peace and Quiet this Christmas? Try SnoreSpray" You can show that you care when you give VitaOne or Vita-Che by attaching a note that reads: "Did you know that according to a study published in the American Medical Association's Journal that they recommend that every man, woman and child -- regardless of age and health condition -- take a daily nutritional supplement for their health?"



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