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Dear Jana: More Praise For Limu Plus

from Jana Mitcham
January 27, 2005

Dear Jana:

Limu Plus really works - not just on the inside, but on the outside too!

As a result of the constant use of chemicals in my hair, I started to have problems with both my hair and scalp. My hair started falling out and it made my head look quite patchy and my scalp was constantly itching and became very sore from all the rubbing and scratching.

I had a bottle of Limu Plus that was damaged during shipping that I neither wanted to drink or throw away, so I decided to try it on my scalp and hair. Twice a week I applied it to my scalp with cotton, then massaged it through my hair and would leave it in overnight or even a day or two. It was very soothing.

In a very short time my scalp was better and my hair appeared to be growing back - not just longer, but thicker and healthier too. Limu Plus really works - not just on the inside, but on the outside too!

Kind regards,

Christine O’Brien

Dear Jana:

I suffer from sinus concerns and acid associated with indigestion. I have been taking medication from my doctor for both conditions. Because of re-occurring problems, I was referred to a specialist in Ear, Nose and Throats.

I was starting to get fed up with all the medication I had to take and decided to try natural supplements. I began with Limu Plus and after about a month I felt so much better within myself that I decided to try Vi-Gest for my stomach concerns. I take Vi-Gest when I know the food I am about to eat will cause a reaction.

I am so pleased with the results and to make me feel even better. I saw my regular GP when I was out having a meal recently. I haven’t seen her in ages and when she saw me, she commented on how well I was looking. Thanks to Limu Plus I feel I am on the road to good health.

I must tell you about my husband Keith. He is concerned with maintaining his blood pressure within normal ranges and a sensation of numbness in the big toe on his right foot. He has been taking Limu Plus for a while and the last two appointments with the doctor his blood pressure was 120/80 both times which is quite a change. His blood pressure is far more stable now and the sensation of numbness has gone too. He recently did a stress test and he knocked almost 2 minutes off his time and the only thing he is doing different is taking Limu Plus.

Keith and Joanna Bean


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