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Limu Plus: Simply the Best!

from Jana Mitcham
January 20, 2005

The incredible "life changing" testimonials for Limu Plus continue to validate the "scientific" basis upon which this incredible product was formulated. One of the incredible categories of nutritional ingredients is that of glyconutrients. According to McAnanney and Vennum in Introduction to glyconutritionals, investigation into glycobiology and the science behind glyconutrients began making major advances in the mid-1990s. The focal point of that early research was the impact of the "absence of: glyconutrients on cellular communication breakdown and the ultimate disruption of the immune system.”

That early research has led many to believe that glyconutrients provide some of the most beneficial and powerful nutritional properties of any food substance on earth.

Glyconutrients are a class of nutrients different from Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, essential fatty acids or herbs and botanicals. These dietary nutrients are part of the structure of every cell in the body, and are necessary for "cellular communication" i.e. delivering messages at the cellular level that are critical to life itself. These are called "sweet nutrients" because they are composed of sugars (monosaccharide). Eight of these are classified as essential because the body no longer readily produces them; thus you must get them from dietary sources. Thousands of peer reviewed papers document the importance of having glyconutrients in your diet. Harper's Biochemistry, a major medical textbook, was revised to include the Nobel Prize winning category of glyconutrients.

The Best Part

Fucoidan, the main active constituent of the Limu Moui (which is the major seaweed in Limu Plus) contains 5 of these glyconutrients! These essential glyconutrients include: Mannose (Aloe, kelp/seaweed), Glucose (kelp/seaweed, Aloe, licorice, berry flavoring), Galactose (kelp/seaweed, berry flavoring), Xylose (kelp/seaweed, berry flavors, Aloe) and Fucose (Fucoidan, seaweed/kelp).

You can get the other 3 by taking VitaMune (contains shark cartilage which contains N-acetylglucosamine and N-acetyl galactosamine) and eating an egg or taking whey protein (contains N-acetylneuraminic acid).

Some of the other Vitacorp products (thanks to their careful formulation and ingredients) also contain these important glyconutrients: Aloe Vera contains 3, Vita-Che contains 4, SuperSoy contains 1, Appetizer Diet contains 4, Cold and Flu Relief 3, VitaGreens 5, VitaOne 5, and others. These nutrients are an integral part of many of the nutritional formulations that Vitacorp sees as essential to your health.

Vitacorp is committed to your health!


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