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July Health Show: Magnesium

from Jana Mitcham
July 10, 2005

This week's health show featured the mineral Magnesium. Magnesium is a nutritional "star" that your body "would ask for", if it could. Find out why this component of Vita-Che, Coral Calcium+, VitaOne, Primalux, and Blitz Chewable is so vital to so many bodily functions.

Below are highlights from the July Health show. To get the full impact, complete with testimonials, be sure to call into the Health Show Conference Call held on the first Thursday of each month. The dialogue is between Jana Mitcham (JM), Executive Vice President, and Meme Groseth (MG), Diamond Affiliate.

JM: The free product tonight is Vita Enhanced Water, which by the way is the free July AutoShip product.

MG: That is a perfect product for summer time ? there is nothing better for your skin than a cooling spritz of Vita Enhanced Water ? and is it amazing on sunburn ? just start spritzing like crazy after a burn and you will probably avoid all of the "nasties" and go straight to tan ? Vita Enhanced Water is also good for other types of burns (like from the barbecue grill or campfire) and summer nuisances(like insect bites, poison ivey or cuts and bruises). And, of course, there are the alkalizing, detoxifying and nutrient absorbing benefits ? quite a product ? and you can get it free!

JM: Thanks Meme ? now for those questions:

MG: Congratulations winners, don't forget to notify the Home Office to claim your free Vita Enhanced Water.

MG: Jana, I know that you have some exciting news about magnesium tonight. We have therapeutic amounts of magnesium in our Coral Calcium Product...and Vita-Che.... and maintenance amounts in Vita One and Blitz chewable.

Mg: Before we get started let me remind you that our Health Show is for educational purposes only and not to make claims that our Vitamark products cure, treat or prevent any diseases ? our products are designed to give the body needed nutrients so that it can provide the healing that God has provided.

JM: Great information Meme. Before I share about the benefits of magnesium ? let's see if anyone has a testimony on Vita Enhanced Water or Coral Calcium+ or any of our exciting products like the incredible Limu Plus.

(Testimonials not included.)

MG: Thanks everyone, thanks for sharing. Now Jana, what is so exciting about magnesium?

JM: Well I tell you Meme, if your body could talk, it would ask for magnesium. How do I know that? I know because the body depends on magnesium for so much.

MG: Tell us some of those ways that the body depends on magnesium.

JM: Be happy to. First, Magnesium makes your brain work better. A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reported that magnesium is necessary to maintain the "plasticity" of synapses - the connectors that move information from neuron to neuron in the brain. Plasticity refers to the ability to change. When synapses can change, learning and memory are enhanced.

According to the MIT News Office, the researchers believe their results confirm that cognitive function is impaired when magnesium is deficient, but clearly improved when magnesium intake is sufficient.

MG: In a conversation we had earlier, I remember you saying that other conditions associated with a magnesium deficiency include depression, anxiety and attention deficit disorder.

JM: Right you are Meme.

MG: What other benefit does magnesium offer?

JM: Another important function of magnesium is to supply energy. According to the Health Sciences Institute:

"Researchers with the USDA Agricultural Research Service recruited 10 postmenopausal women to participate in a three-phase diet and exercise study. During phase one (35 days), the women followed a controlled diet that delivered an adequate amount of magnesium. (The current Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for women is 320 mg daily. For men; 420 mg daily.)"

MG: Yes, I remember this was the study you told me about where "In the second phase (93 days), each subject consumed a diet that contained less than half the RDA for magnesium. In the final phase (49 days) the subjects returned to a diet with adequate magnesium. At the end of each phase, subjects took exercise tests, as well as physiological and biochemical tests. "

JM: Yes, it was and "Results showed that when magnesium intake was low, exercise increased heart rate and required more oxygen compared to exercising when magnesium intake was adequate. Also, when magnesium levels in muscles were low, more energy was required and subjects tired more easily compared to subjects with adequate magnesium levels. "

MG: That speaks loud and clear to me ? adequate magnesium equals adequate energy reserves! Tell me more about magnesium ? which I have to admit ? I thought it was mainly a "helping nutrient" ? like it helps the calcium function in our Coral Calcium product.

JM: Magnesium is a helping nutrient and so much more ? it is just that since it isn't one of the "new" nutritional stars we sometimes overlook its importance ? like in the Coral Calcium formula ? sure it helps the calcium; but Magnesium also strengthens your bones.

Since Scientists have shown that magnesium increases bone density in postmenopausal women, researchers at Tel-Aviv University in Israel tested magnesium as an osteoporosis preventive agent.

MG: Is this the study we disussed where ? Female rats were divided into two groups ? one with a diet sufficient in magnesium and the other a magnesium deficient diet? And, they collected urine samples every three months over a one-year period with blood samples being taken from each rat at the end of the year? They then analyzed bone samples from the thighs and vertebrae of each rat for bone density?

JM: Yes, it is ? you were really listening! Do you remember the results?

MG: I surely do ? the bottom line was that the "magnesium group" had better bone density by a high margin and that the bones of the "magnesium deficient group" were more prone to signs of osteoporosis and easier to break. I'll bet that's why we have adequate levels of calcium and magnesium in our Coral Calcium and Vita-Che (our major anti-aging product).

JM: Right again Meme ? our Coral Calcium is our major bone protector and with these three new studies it should be taken to assist with brain function(that is why so many parents use it with their learning challenged and non-challenged kids)like I was saying ? it should be taken to assist with brain function, strong bones and teeth and energy.

MG: We were discussing that it makes sense in Vita-Che not only to combat the impact of aging on the skeleton; but on the circulatory system. I know, in the past, you have talked about magnesium's impact on the heart muscle cells ability to relax, to maintain blood pressure within normal levels, and even impact homocysteine levels(which we now know has a major impact on heart health).

JM: Two gold stars for you ? that is exactly right! It shouldn't come as a surprise that magnesium deficiency has been linked to elevated heart concern risk. And with the belief that about half of all Americans don't get enough magnesium, this should be a major concern. Especially when you consider what contributes to the depletion of magnesium: things like high stress (need Limu Plus) and menstruation (need VitaWoman). High intake of starches, alcohol, diuretics and some prescription drugs (such as antibiotics) can also deplete magnesium through urination.

MG: Bottom line is you need magnesium and you can get Magnesium in green leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts and seeds, and whole grains, but usually only in small amounts, so you'd need to eat a wide variety of these foods regularly to get all the magnesium you need OR you can supplement: are there any guidelines for supplementation?

JM: The general guideline for taking magnesium is between 400 to 1500 mg ? you will know when you have too much by simple bowel tolerance ? in other words ? if your "stools" become too loose.

MG: By stools being loose, I assume you don't mean the legs on the kind of stool you sit on.

JM: In a way you could ? but right ? I'm talking about the kind of loose stool that causes food to move through your digestive tract too quickly due to too much magnesium; and as a result, that cuts down on absorption of nutrients (both from foods and supplements)

MG: With the amount of magnesium in Coral Calcium (400mg per suggested serving) and Vita-Che (400 mg per suggested serving)sounds like even if I'm taking Coral Calcium and Vita-Che ? I won't get too much. In fact, it really seems as though Vitamark was "ahead of the research"!

JM: Right you are and believe me your body will love you for treating it to magnesium!

MG: Can't think of a better place to close than on the knowledge that Vitamark is always striving to give us breakthrough products that continue to amaze us nutritionally ? next month we are going to focus on another nutritional component, Selenium ? you will be amazed at the impact of trace mineral.


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