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The Importance of Proper pH Levels in the Body

from Jana Mitcham
February 18, 2003

As all of you who are reading this forum know we have an amazing product called Coral Calcium+ which offers some amazing benefits. Benefits like: replenishing minerals, enhances nutrient bioavailability, strengthens bones and teeth, provides electrolyte balance and provides proper pH balance and so much more.

I would like to take a moment and offer you a very basic explanation as to why pH balance is so important:

Your body operates ideally within a narrow pH range of 7.36 - 7.44. It is naturally more alkaline than acidic; eventhough, some of the systems (like the digestive system) are acid. If the pH levels get too acid, a condition called acidosis can occur. Acidosis occurs when your blood pH level falls below 7.30. How does this impact you? In many way! One of those is fatigue. It has been stated that to be healthy the body cannot be acid. It must maintain the proper pH levels.


In general, our body must maintain a near perfect pH balance. It is critical to the maintenance of good health.The symbol 'pH' is used to represent the acidity or alkalinity level. pH stands for 'potential for hydrogen'. Some have called it 'potential for health'. Anything from 0-6.9 is acid and from 7-14 is alkaline. Essentially every function of the body is dependent on our bodies maintaining a precisely balanced pH in the blood, and other critical bodily systems. One of the key systems, for example, is the enzyme system. The enzyme system, as well as the electrical functions of our body, is dependent on electrolytes. Electrolyte levels are dependent on pH. This would indicate (as reported by A.C. Guyton and J. E. Hall in their Textbook of Medical Physiology, 9th edition) that without proper pH levels, it should be difficult for the cells to incorporate the necessary nutrients and energy for good health. This could lead to the cell weakening, which could lead to weakened tissue and ; then, to the organs themselves malfunctioning. This becomes even more serious as the body's systems are affected, often times, leaving the body open to 'invaders' of all types. It has been stated that poor health most often begins after out pH balance is impacted due to a deficiency of minerals, especially electrolyte minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, lithium, and phosphorus.

We must remember that the changes in pH do not have to be major: most elements of the body have a very definite pH range and slight changes impact chemical reactions both within and outside the cell. This is why maintenance of pH levels are critical to overall body balance. To show the extreme opposites of the ph spectrum, a body that is too acid may slip into a coma and a body that is too alkaline might slip into convulsions -- neither is good (Textbook of Medical Physiology, 7th edition). It is the proper balance that produces good health. However, if the PH shifts within a cell or organ, chaos results.

The chief culprits in mineral depletion within our body are the acid-forming foods we eat and what we drink( almost all of the fluids we drink on a daily basis are acidic. Coffe, te, milk, soft drinks, fruit juices and evn water. For example. a carbonated beverage has a pH of 2, orange juice is ph of 3, and average tap water is 4.5. So drink bottled water you may be saying--well it is typically a pH of only 6) and the other major cause of acidity is stress. In addition, antibiotics which can destroy the friendly bacteria create a problem because the bacteria that 'grow back' are often acid forming and can potentially create a problem that could drain the body of health enhancing electrolyte minerals. Some other causes of electrolyte loss might be: strenuous exercise, sickness, infection, or even fasting.

It is important that we maintain a perfect pH balance. The pH of the body systems have very exact ranges (Richard Anderson, Cleanse and Purify Thyself). He even points out that the food we eat must be at an optimum pH level before the body can absorb it. ome examples of pH ranges: saliva (6.0-7.0); stomach (1.0-3.5); pancreas (8.0-8.3); intestines (7.5-8.0) and blood (7.35-7.45).

If we can maintain the proper pH balance, we should maintain good health.

The Coral Calcium product provides a range of minerals including proper amounts of calcium and magnesium that assist the body in maintaining this critical pH balance.

And Now, we are introducing the Vita Enhanced Water which also assists the body in maintaining these all important pH levels for optimum health. Add VitaEnhanced to all of your beverages for a healthier pH level.


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