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Newsweek Reports on Russian Adaptogen: Rhodiola Rosea

from Jana Mitcham
March 24, 2005


In February 2003, Newsweek featured an article about Rhodiola rosea – just one of the adaptogenic components found in Limu Plus. It focuses on current and historic scientific data that suggests it impacts the stress hormone, cortisol, "while optimizing levels of key brain chemicals involved in mood."* (Another article also appeared in the journal Phytomedicine, featuring a trial study done at the Swedish Herbal Institute in conjunction with Russian colleagues.)

Read this informative and exciting story and share the good news that the media recognizes Rhodiola and its benefits – and it is just one of the incredible ingredients in Limu Plus. When you read this article, you will see that a one-month supply of Rhodiola rosea can be almost $50. This makes our Limu Plus a great value. Vitamark continues to bring you great products at great prices!

We have provided a summary of the story Herbal Stress Buster below. If you are a subscriber you can search for and read the full story here. Once there, scroll down to the link on the left entitled "Search Archives" where you can search for the Rhodiola rosea article. You can also obtain reprints if you email and tell them you want information on the article Herbal Stress Buster by Anne Underwood in the 2/3/03 issue of Newsweek.

HERBAL STRESS BUSTER (a summary of the article):

The article opens with the story of a young Russian soldier under stress – stress he manages with an herbal tea from his mom. As a "side effect", he experienced additional mental and physical energy. This tea was "made from the golden-yellow roots of a Siberian plant called Rhodiola rosea.”

Anne Underwood (the author) points out that some plant physiologists and other natural products companies are now producing products made from Rhodiola rosea extract. She goes on to say that Rhodiola is beginning to create a buzz in this country (USA) and that the plant has been used for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia and Iceland noting that "Even the Vikings used it for endurance." The Russians began intense research in the 1960s – in part to maximize Olympic performance of their athletes. She even says: "It has everything to become an herbal superstar – a high-safety profile, compelling benefits and a reasonable amount of scientific research."

The article goes on to summarize some of the research featuring Rhodiola's positive impact on students during exams, physicians on night call, and cadets pulling night duty. Dr. Richard Brown of Columbia University (who used it with 300 patients) says, "When you see how it works (referring to its impact on cortisol, brain chemicals and ATP), the effects make sense. It has no side effects that we've noticed, only side benefits."

The article points out that the quality of the product is critical and that you should look for Rhodiola rosea, not Rodiola sacra or any other species. It also notes that a one-month supply of "rhodiola only" could cost between $20-$50.

Ms. Underwood closed the article with a quote from Liz Sterling, a radio host from Boca Raton, Fla. After taking a Rhodiola rosea product for two months Liz said, "It's as if my shoulders have lowered, and stress just rolls off."


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