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June Health Show: Six Reasons Why You Need Limu Plus

from Jana Mitcham
June 7, 2006

This month's Health Show features Limu Plus, Vitamark's absolutely incredible, life changing health drink. Join Vitamark Diamond Affiliate, Meme Groseth(MG) and President, David Bertrand(DB) as they join special guest, Zane Baranowski(ZB), in a discussion of 6 reasons why Limu Plus should be a part of your daily health regimen:

MG: Tonight's Health Show format will be a little different because we have two very special guests tonight, our own beloved President, David Bertrand and a special guest whom David will introduce in just a moment. To make sure these gentlemen have all the time they need , we will not do questions tonight. Don't worry, we will give that free product for testimonials--and like always,to claim your free product, you will need to call the home office which has been given the list. Remember, when you hear all of the awesome things that Vitamark products do for people's health that we make no claims that our products cure, treat or prevent diseases. Vitamark focuses on providing products that address the health of the various systems of the body so that the body can provide the healing. I would also like to remind you that there will be times when I mute you out and times when you may want to mute your own lines. Now, I would like to introduce our beloved President, David Bertrand.

MG: David, are you there.

DB: I sure am, Meme. I am happy to be on the Health Show tonight.

MG: We're delighted to have you. We always start the call by giving free product--tonight 's free product is CellRich, Vitamark's antioxidant product. All those who are on the 100 BP AutoShip will be happy to know that CellRich is June's free AutoShip product.

David,let's give that free product!

DB: I am happy to give CellRich as the free product. This premium antioxidant offers the ultimate body systems' protection, ultimate free radical protection, promotes normal cell function and immune function and supports vein integrity. It does all of this due to its powerful ingredients: Vitamins A,C and E with selenium; alpha lipoic acid; turmeric;grapeseed extract and the powerful Green Tea polyphenol extract. In order to win this incredible product free tonight --all you have to do is say your name ,clearly,so it can be recorded; then, give your testimony. I understand that you start with a couple of testimonies; then, time permitting, have a few more at the end of the call. Who'll be first tonight? Call out your name!


MG: Thanks for sharing. Now, David, if you would introduce our other special guest.

DB: Meme, I would be happy and proud to introduce and welcome Zane Baranowski to the Vitamark family. Zane was certified by the National Institute of Nutritional Education located in Aurora,Colorado in 1989. Zane is a noted author, researcher, marketing consultant, and product developer with 25 years experience with natural products companies. He specializes in superfoods, antioxidants, probiotics, enzymes, essential fatty acids and sprouted foods like soy--the perfect fit for Vitamark.

ZB: Thank you for that introduction, David. I am very pleased to be here tonight and I look forward to many more appearances.

DB: I know our callers will look forward to that. Meme, I understand that you are going to interview Zane about our premier product, Limu Plus?

MG: That's right David. I have prepared a few questions for Zane tonight. Zane, are you ready?

ZB: I sure am, Meme. What would you like to know first?

MG: By the end of this call I would like everyone listening to be able to answer the question : Why use Limu Plus from Vitamark International?

ZB: I'll do my best to make that possible.

MG: Could you start by focusing on what is probably the key to good health --that is, of course, Immunity, or more specifically a healthy Immune System.

ZB: Many of Limu Plus's ingredients impact the Immune System; so, tonight I am going to focus on just one. While sugar in it's simple forms is well known to be an immune suppressor, sugar in it's complex forms, known as polysaccharides or glyconutrients, are becoming more and more well known for their ability to enhance immune function. This is done through aiding communication at the cellular level. Polysaccharide glyconutrients help the body's immune cells properly communicate so that they are able to do their job of protecting the body better. Royal Tongan Limu is very unique in the seaweed world by containing the highest levels of the most effective polysaccharide glyconutrient known - fucoidan. This gives Togan Limu the added power of greatly enhancing our immune system.

Fucoidan is reported to be the subject of over 600 studies(see Fucoidan at Among it's reported benefits are it's ability to assist with joints, improve digestion, improve blood function, enhance skin and cellular function, improve stomach function and offer liver support.

MG: The second key to one's good health might well be the body'd ability to adapt to stress.

ZB: Right on, Meme. Medical and nutritional scientists are becoming increasingly aware of the negative effects of stress on the body. During stressful situations, the body will generate several different compounds that if not fully metabolized and eliminated, become very toxic reducing our ability to maintain balance and good health. Vitamark?s Limu Plus also contains a blend of plants known as Adaptogens that exhibit superior ability to support the body in it's ability to adapt to stress. Researched for over 50 years and reported in thousands of studies, this exclusive plant blend from the pristine reaches of Siberia, perfectly compliment the wide array of benefits provided by Tongan Limu making Vitamark?s Limu Plus perhaps the most powerful nutritional tool available anywhere.

Limu Plus's Adaptogen blend offers other benefits to include; Better focus, mental energy, stamina, enhanced sleep. less toxicity, better attention to detail, mood improvement, improvement in the aging process, antioxidant capability and cellular balance.

MG: I understand that another key component to good health is the need for Antioxidant protection to fight free radical scavenger's that are released when oxygen breaks down.

ZB: Yes, Meme ;and; Vitamark?s Limu Plus contains one of the most powerful free radical fighting substances known to man: green tea. The unique polyphenols found in green tea, called catechins, have been shown in dozens of studies to be one of the most effective cellular protectors known to man. Although Tongan Limu naturally contains many different antioxidants and antioxidant precursors, the addition of green tea gives Vitamark?s Limu Plus even greater cellular support and protection abilities.

MG: I would imagine that as important as the nutritional components are to one's health; the body would also need to be able to rid itself of certain toxins to maintain good health.

ZB: You raise a good point here, Meme. To address that, I would once again turn to Royal Tongan Limu and the other seaweed found in Limu Plus. Seaweed also contains very special types of fiber. Most of us know how important fiber is for intestinal health aiding in the proper functioning of our bowels. Seaweed is unique in the plant world also containing special types of fibers, known as algins, that bind to and detoxify chemicals and heavy metals out of our bodies. This provides us with a dual benefit of supplying essential minerals and other nutrients, while at the same time detoxifying health-robbing poisons.

MG: I understand that not all things good have to come in big amounts. Of course, I'm talking about the naturally occuring and added trace minerals in Limu Plus.

ZB: Right again, Meme. Minerals and trace minerals are vitally important to the overall functioning of the body. While many people know about minerals including calcium and magnesium, they are often unaware of the importance of trace minerals. Chemical agricultural practices over the past 5 to 10 decades have depleted minerals, especially trace minerals from our soils and therefore our food supply. Trace minerals are primary components and activators of enzymes of all types serving functions throughout our entire metabolic system. Without trace minerals, the body is like a light bulb without electricity - dull!

Zinc, for example, is involved in over 200 known enzyme systems. Without zinc, these enzyme systems are dormant, leaving the body unable to perform functions critical to cellular health. Unless minerals are in the right form, they are a burden in the least and even toxic in some cases. The best overall source of minerals and trace minerals we have is seaweed. Our oceans contain all the minerals we need. In fact, ocean water, with the sodium content adjusted down to the correct level, is almost identical to human plasma(1). Seaweed not only contains all of the essential minerals we need, it has them in the right balance AND in the right form: food. The second best source of minerals and trace minerals are ionic colloidal minerals. This is because they have an electrical or ionic charge that supports the body's efforts to utilize them. With an ionic charge, and delivered in a liquid form, ionic colloidal minerals are an excellent source of mineral nutrition. Royal Tongan Limu Plus gives you the best of both of the Mineral Worlds: food bound minerals and trace minerals AND ionically charged colloidal minerals allowing for the body to have a wider range of availability and access to ALL of the critical minerals and trace minerals it needs to stay in balance; one without the other creates a more difficult situation for the body to work with; the two together create the ideal situation for the body to perform ALL of the functions it needs to stay in balance.

(1)ChemLab - Chemistry 3-5 - Analysis of Seawater - Introduction

It is generally believed that life evolved in the oceans, and living organisms reflect this aquatic past both by a high overall water content (50% for trees, 65% for people, 99.7% for jelly fish) and by an elaborate biochemistry established in salt solutions. These solutions contain the same ions that were brought from the seas by the first amphibians. Thus, perhaps it is not surprising that there is a striking resemblance between the ionic composition of seawater and that of human blood plasma, one of the solvent systems for human metabolic chemistry.

MG: Now, if I am right you've given us 5 good reasons to take Limu Plus: IMMUNITY (I), STRESS (S), ANTIOXIDANT (A), DETOXIFICATION (D) and TRACE MINERALS (T) that's I-S-A-D-T --pronounced "Isadt(Isat)" seems incomplete as a "memory jogging" word or words; so to make it complete , I'm going to ask a ridiculous question: Can you give me one more reason that Limu Plus is the best health drink in the take Limu Plus.

ZB: I can do better than that, Meme because there are several "Other Reasons" that make Limu Plus, simply the best. Along with all of the minerals we need, seaweed is also rich in dozens of other nutrients essential for human health including vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and enzymes making it a balanced and complete super food providing essentially all of the nutrients the body needs to be healthy.

Supplied in a superior liquid form for ultimate absorption and utilization, Vitamark?s Limu Plus is the perfect 21st century multi-vitamin, mineral, enzyme, antioxidant, immune and stress fighting supplement necessary for anyone wanting to not only survive the rigors of our modern world - but also thrive in them! And, it taste great too!

MG: That is one complete product and "Other" gave me the letter I needed to complete my words which answer the question: "Why should someone take Vitamark's Limu Plus?" IMMUNITY(I) STRESS(S) ANTIOXIDANT(A) DETOXIFICATION(D) TRACE MINERALS(T) OTHER(O) . That's I-S-A-D-T-O. So, what's the answer you give when someone asks you why you take Limu Plus--just say "I SAD TO(ISADTO) not take them because I would risk not being healthy." Not gramatically correct;but so important to remembering 6 good reasons that may help change or even save someone's health.

ZB: That is good, Meme, a catchy way to remember some of the many good reasons why Limu Plus should be a part of your daily health plan. I know it's going to be part of mine and I plan on living life to its fullest and healthiest.

MG: Zane thank you for sharing with us tonight.

ZB: MY pleasure.

MG: David, before we go let's see if anyone else has been inspired to share a testimonial.

DB: Who would like to be first. Remember to call out your name so it can be recorded for that free product .


MG: Thanks for sharing. Again, thank-you, David and Zane for being with us tonight. Good night everybody.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.


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