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February Health Show: Vita Water and Phase 3

from Jana Mitcham
February 15, 2006

February's Health Show was supposed to deal with the effectiveness of Enzymes and Probiotics in fighting serious digestive concerns and yeast concerns like Candida Albicans overgrowth. However, due to the length of the testimonials and the Phase 3 discussion we found it necessary to postpone this topic until another call. We apologize if this inconvenienced any of you.

Now let's join Vitamark Diamond, Meme Groseth,(MG) and Vitamark VP, Tom Mitcham,(TM) for the Health Show.

MG: Are you there Tommy?

TM: I sure am, Meme, and I can't wait to give that free product. Tonight's free product is Vita Enhanced Water ? certainly a product that I hope everyone on this call is familiar with. My grandchildren think it is nothing short of a miracle for all of their "owies". There is certainly nothing better for cuts, scrapes and bruises ? not to mention insect bites. I have seen potential bruises not develop and burns thought to be serious only become slightly pink with immediate an frequent applications of Vita Water.

MG: I am really excited about this free product ? as should everyone on this call be ? especially if you are on the 100BP AutoShip because the Vita Water is the February free AutoShip product. This amazing product has many benefits: its molecular structure facilitates better hydration (inside and out). That same molecular structure allows for a more efficient nutrient delivery at the cellular level and a more efficient toxin release. It helps establish an alkaline atmosphere within the body (this is important when you realize that most diseases exist in an acid environment). And it also enhances antioxidant capability. All of these various benefits allow the body to address a myriad of health concerns from immune challenges and blood sugar concerns to digestive issues ? a whole gamut of issues just to to name a few. I would encourage you to go to the website description section to learn more about this amazing product.

TM: Now to give that free product! Don't forget to call out your name before answering>

Question 1: What two new bonuses are the hallmark of Phase 3?

Answer: The Priority Bonus and Priority Plus Bonus

Question 2: What are the bonuses based on?

Answer: Volume generated by new affiliates.

Question 3: Who receives the Priority bonus?

Answer: Qualified Golds, Platinums and Diamonds who are on a minimum 100 BP AutoShip.

Question 4: Who receives Priority Plus bonuses?

Answer: Qualified Golds, Platinums and Diamonds who are on the 100 BP AutoShip and who enters Vitamark as an Instant Platinum or who upgrades by purchasing an instant Platinum Pack.

MG: I've invited Doug Jarvison the call to explain the new bonuses and Phase 3 due to the impact this amazing new program will have on your ability to spread the good news about Vitamark products.

For Doug's content we invite you all to refer to the compensation plan found on the Vitamark website and past e-newsletter articles found in the GMT for more information about these exciting new bonuses.

MG: Congratulations to all our winners ? I encourage you to use the Vita Water immediately ? you'll notice a difference!

MG: Tom will be sharing some information with us tonight about Enzymes and Probiotics. We will not be making any claims that Vitamark products cure, treat or prevent any diseases. We are simply educating you to the amazing impact that enzymes and Probiotics have on your health.

TM: Meme, you know me ? I always like to start off by seeing if anyone has a testimonial to share. Some of you may have shared your testimonial previously, don't hesitate to do it again ? there are always new people on the call who have not heard it. Now, who wants to be first?

TESTIMONIALS (Please join us on the call to hear these amazing success stories.)

We don't usually script the testimonials, to hear them you must be on the call but because we had so many this month I?d like to highlight them for you today: Limu Plus was credited with nervous system support, incredible energy support and hydration during a long flight, and providing relief from fever blisters and stress. Vita Enhanced Water was credited with supporting the hydration on that same long flight. Vita-Che was credited with providing an 80+yr old with restored joint support to ride a bicycle and escape debilitating discomfort. Revitalgen, Limu Plus, Probiotic and Super Vi-Gest were credited with an amazing impact on the maintenance of cholesterol within normal ranges. We had a happy Natique user on the line as well. I assure you that the testimonies were more exciting than the summary ? join us next month to experience the excitement first hand!

MG: Thanks for sharing. Now for that information on Enzymes and Probiotics!

TM: Due to the time, we have decided to postpone the information to next month's call.

MG: Well, Tommy, it is time to say goodnight.

TM: I would like to remind everyone: This is the day the Lord has made ? let us rejoice and be glad in it!


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