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Women, Take Charge of Your Health

from Jana Mitcham
September 15, 2003

I recently got a question from Linda Kight (a part of the famous Diamond Duo of Charles and Linda) asking about the use of VitaWoman for female concerns. I thought the answer might be helpful to all of you, so here goes:

Dear Linda,

You asked me about the use of VitaWoman for different times in a womans's life: Typically for teen usage/young women not menopaual but with other female concerns and mood swings she would use 1 2x a day --always works best if balanced with Vita One, Coral Calcium, and Herbal Calming (for the tough times)--as a woman gets older and becomes peri menopausal/menopausal/post menopausal she too must start with the basics( Vitaone or VitaChe plus Coral Calcium)and build on that. Her Vitawoman levels will vary from 1 2x a day to 2 2x a day--some may take 1 mid -day between the other two doses. At these stages, the other nutritional balance is key--and in fact that is where the true solution lies--the VitaWoman is fighting and working to achieve a balance with the other nutritionals that it needs. Also helpful for those who need just a little extra is Herbal Calming (they can take it 1 3x a day or as needed for discomfort or those times of irritability); Vitamin E/selenium for those who can't get a handle on the flushes ( if on VitaOne add 1 a day for sure--then use as needed -taking 1 at times of discomfort or adding 1 2x a day to your routine), Omega III ( 1 3x) should be a part of everyone with female concerns regimen as should Phospholipids ( 1 2x)--especially those on the "thin side"--those little fatty layers that we get later in life serve a purpose(not an excuse to put on too much); but, seriously, essential fatty acids are key to women's hormonal issues. The Omega III and Phospholipids would be excellent for teens, as well. These are considered "the good fats" and in addition to their other benefits, may assist with the elimination of "bad fats" and fatty deposits.

Women should also schedule regular check ups to include blood sugar levels(if have concerns might consider adding GluCare to your regimen) and thyroid. These areas are impactful on female functioning.

Other considerations:

1) Digestive ability (if having burp, belch or bloat--add ViGest). No matter what age you are, if you aren't properly digesting your nutrients, it can cause imbalance.

2) Bowel health--regularity is key and essential to all aspects of your health and greatly impacts your ability to gain or lose weight. So. if you have any concerns (and for good fiber intake)add VitaFiber. A child needs (as a minimum rule of thumb)the amount of fiber equal to his age plus 5--lets use this simple guide until thet age of 18 (18 +5 = 23 grams of fiber a day); and ,after that, an adult recommendation is between 25-35 grams a day. Use your diet and Vitafiber to achieve optimum levels. and

3) Liver health-the liver not only processes the "fats" of the body ,,,, it serves as a toxic waste filter--support it with plenty of fluids, a good diet and for extra support add VitaMarin to your regimen (1 3x a day for 10 days; then 1 a day for 30 days--you can continue if you choose.)

Menopausal symptoms do not have to be a fact of life--many cultures do not(particularly those who include soy as a major part of their diets)--or at least didn't---before they changed their diet to a western diet---have a word for menopause in their language. Perhaps we should all use some of our SuperSoy on a daily basis.

Take charge of your health and life.



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