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CRAVE Energy Drink

Crave Energy Drink Incredible Energy!

Simply mix one packet into approximately 16oz of pure water or whatever other beverage you prefer and drink slowly. You will love the taste and in just a few minutes you will feel the most incredible energy come over you. The energy will last about 4-6 hours on average.

No Headaches

Unlike the majority of energy drinks on the market Crave will not give you a headache. Crave is not loaded with large amounts of sugar (less than 1gram) or artificial sweeteners that causes headaches for many people..

No Nervous Jitters

While many Energy Drinks give you energy....many also cause the nervous jitters that are so unpleasant. Not so with Crave Energy Drink. Just a great feeling of energy.

No Crash

Users of Crave Energy Drink™ report that when the effects of the incredible energy begin to wear off they do not experience the usual "crash" that leaves them feeling like they've just fell to the pavement. Crave Energy Drink™ users say that you just float back down to a normal feeling as you were before drinking it. Huge plus!

Convenient To Carry Packets

Crave comes individually packed in "stick packs" which makes it very convenient to carry with you. No lugging around the bulk and weight of cans or bottles. Just small lightweight packets that you mix into a bottle of water which nowadays is available everywhere. Traveling by plane somewhere? No problem.....while bottles and cans of drinks are not allowed.....Crave packets are welcome. Get on board and order some water and you're ready for Energizing!

No Artificial Sweeteners

No Artificial sweeteners in Crave. Crave's delicious taste is flavored and sweetened by Vitamark's special Natural Flavor Blend and an incredible ingredient we call FOS. That's short for Fructulooligisaccharides. Now you see why we call it FOS. FOS, is actually a fiber and is very beneficial in several ways. FOS assists in the absorption of calcium to strengthen bones as well as adding to taste and sweetening.

Less than 1 gram of sugar

Unlike the majority of Energy Drinks......Crave contains less than 1 gram of sugar. We feel that this is one reason for the lack of the common crash associated with so many Energy Drinks.

Only 9 Calories

Calorie counting? And, who's not these days.....well with Crave you get only 9 calories per serving. What a way to count calories!

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Crave Energy Drink

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Crave Energy Drink