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Adding healthy soy to your diet has never been easier! With the SuperSOY™ products you'll be able to create quick and healthy meals that taste great.

Everyone Is Talking About Soy!

Scientists and medical doctors are gathering together at special symposiums to compare notes on soy—that according to Neil Solomon, MD; Dr. Richard Passwater and Rita Elkins, M.H. in their “Health Book of the Year” called Soy Smart Health , Discover the “Super Food” that Fights…

The book focuses on some important facts and related findings about the impact of consuming soy foods:

  • Soy has moved from the “fringe” market to mainstream markets with major food companies creating specialty soy food products.

  • It is reported that soy offers significant health benefits.

  • Soy is reported to have a profound influence on estrogen pathways.

  • The Food and Drug administration has stated that soy foods that provide a minimum of 6.25 mg of soy protein in a minimum diet of 26 grams per day have a significant impact on heart health. According to Solomon, based on new methods of rating protein , the Federal Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) and the World Health Organization ( WHO ) have given soy a score of one, which is the highest rating and elevates soy protein to status equal to animal protein in quality. YOUR VITACORP SuperSOY™ HAS 25 MG OF PROTEIN PER SERVING!

  • Studies of the long lived cultures of various Asian cultures and the American Seventh Day Adventist populations lead some to report that soy foods are the possible link to extending overall life span.

  • There is growing evidence that soy can benefit the human body in other ways:

    • assist with support of circulatory function
    • support gallbladder function
    • assist with alcohol cravings
    • assist with maintenance of normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels
    • exert a positive influence on reproductive capability
    • soy foods are rich in calcium which influences good bone development

  • A comparison of the cardiovascular health of American Men and Asian Men (45-65 years old) overwhelmingly showed a heart healthier Asian population. The Asian diet is rich in soy foods.

The power of the soy foods is in their whole food ingredients. They are full of phytonutrients like the phytoestrogen isoflavones, genistein and diadzin which contain the glucosides , genistin and diadzin. Soy is packed with health giving nutrients like protease inhibitors, phytates, phytosterols, saponins, lecithin, omega-3 essential fatty acids and phenolic acids.

The soybean is considered a complete food because it contains fat, protein and carbohydrates. It offers all of the essential amino acids, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin.

Not All Soy Is Created Equal

I think you can see why Vitacorp International includes soy in its product line. Vitacorp provides you with a high quality soy product that is processed using technologies that use "water extraction” and proper temperatures to insure the highest quality. We offer you non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) soy products. ONLY THE BEST!

Soy And The Low Carb Diet

Combine two of the hottest food trends of the century: Soy foods and controlled carbohydrate dieting. We not only want to live longer , we want to look good and feel good while we are doing it. Vitacorp’s SuperSOY™ allows you to do both. It will provide you the incredible health benefits of soy and give you delicious protein rich, low carbohydrate choices.

Popular “ low carb” diets like the Atkins program offer their clients soy food alternatives . Now you can have those types of choices for your weight management program as well. We can’t imagine anything better than ‘The Appetizer Diet” for maintaining your ideal weight unless, that is, you combine the Appetizer Diet with Vitacorp’s delicious SuperSOY™ selections.

Available in:

  • Beef Alternative (Soy Ground)
  • Beef Alternative (Soy Strips)
  • Chicken Alternative (Soy Strips)
  • Onion Broth Mix

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SuperSOY Ground Beef

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SuperSOY Onion Broth

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